alternative design
and graphic art

gig poster for PARENTS at Loaded in Hollywood, this Friday !

SEE U THERE amigos

sketchbook pull

another gig flyer

Peep my flyer that Andy Dick once called “Funny.”

High praise for something I threw together in my last hour of work. Wish I could draw poor Aaron’s mug again… yeesh. That grill is busted! 

Check out some sweet sunset prism photos I took way back in April.

(Nikon SLR + prism lens)

My parents were staying in someone’s kickass corner penthouse apartment in downtown San Diego and I got some great shots off the balcony. There was even a canopy bed outside on the balcony! It was rad.

Threw together this little celebration in my last hour at work. Made entirely out of office supplies! 

[paper, sharpies, bw printer, highlighters, post-it’s, white out]

I’ve got many backlogged cards to post… coming soon.

gig flyer for PARENTS 

[digital art + original photography]

want alternative art for your band/show/event/xx ? hit me up

Thank you followers, for your patience, as I repost some of my old work that I posted years ago, before I understood tumblr, hah.

I’m getting everything all set up for an official new website launch… coming soon. 

what I did at work today

Juice Tiger by PARENTS at the Doll Hut 5/18/14

it’s heavy shit!

(iphone video by me)

I love my cat she’s fucking cute

stills from the rockin PARENTS performance at the Doll Hut on 420

sound quality isn’t great but it looks awesome! shot by Neil on his iphone using my prism lens. LOVE THAT PRISM

here are a few stills I picked out, with a lil level and sat adjustment

check out the video here